About the company

We believe an accountant should be more than just someone who balances the books, helps you pay less tax and increases profits. We do all of that of course, but we are also your advisor, your support system and your business partner, helping you drive your business forward and steer it in the right direction.


Power In Numbers are certified accountants
in Chertsey, Surrey, offering a bespoke service
designed to suit you; we look at everything from
your priorities and goals to your budget and
lifestyle before working out a plan that will
meet and exceed all your needs.
Use our skills and expertise for basic accountancy
services such as tax, payroll and book keeping
for consultancy and systems advice - when your
business needs some extra care and attention;
and for management information to help you
really plan for the future. Read more.

Get a free business healthcheck

Initial consultations are usually free with accountancy firms, but we go one step further: we give you a FREE, no obligation Business Healthcheck+ - a review of your business that has real value for you, whether or not you decide to appoint us.

  • “I get all sorts of interesting information from Power In Numbers to go away and look at and I feel inspired to do better this year!”
    - Emma Rice - Custom Crush UK Ltd
  • “The explanations on our year end accounts made sense and I like the way they don't talk down to you, but explain things on your level.”
    - Anonymous
  • “Power in Numbers give me complete peace of mind in all areas of their service. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.”
    - Peter Goddard – Out There Trees Limited

Stress proof your life

At Power In Numbers we know that
being in business can be stressful.
That’s why we have published this
book available to you totally free
of charge.

A sat nav for your business

Guiding you to where you want to be and keeping you on track.